Friday, May 24, 2013

What a darling, brave, sparkling girl!

Below is a testimonial from amazing Friends, Cathy and Tom McQuillan from Arlington Heights, IL. 

Our involvement began at church, a few years ago, with a sponsorship talk. We thought it'd be a good idea for us to help a needy child. So, we signed up and paid our money. Our Goddaughter was in El Salvador, and we would receive a letter from her 1-2 times a year. However, I must say that we didn't really know much about how to be involved Godparents. We wrote maybe once a year. That all changed last year. 

Friends of the Orphans offered a trip to Central America, and we decided to go. We also were informed of the serious health issues of our Goddaughter and her medical needs. Our trip, with about 20 other people, took us to Guatemala first where we toured the NPH home there and the surrounding countryside. It is a gorgeous country but full of a troubles. We were blown away by the love and care that these children receive at NPH! Fr. Wasson's vision and wisdom were truly inspired by the Holy Spirit! We then moved on to El Salvador... again a beautiful country but torn apart by violence and poverty. NPH was a peaceful oasis there, providing for the spiritual, educational, physical, and emotional needs of its children. 

Oh, my - then... meeting our Goddaughter Wendy! What a gift! What a darling, brave, sparkling girl! We only wished we spoke Spanish! Others helped us communicate. It was wonderful! But, Wendy is suffering from a horrible spine curvature condition that will probably cut short her life. Through all of this, she remains full of hope, dreams, and smiles! 

While there, we experienced a kindergarten and a junior high graduation, Mass with the whole congregation singing enthusiastically, and a beautiful Quinceañera (party to celebrate 15 yr. old girls). Of course, while we were there, my husband Tom fell in love with two other girls! So, now we are the proud Godparents of 3!!! 

Because of these experiences, and because we now know more about NPH, we write more often, send photos, read their report cards carefully, write a few phrases in Spanish, and keep all of these precious children and staff in our daily prayers. Being a Godparent with Friends of the Orphans can be a life changing experience -- for the children and for YOU! We highly recommend it!

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