Monday, February 8, 2021

Rise to the Challenge

With a strong start to 2021, NPH USA has kicked off the year with a first quarter initiative to promote gender equality in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Girls in Latin America face higher disadvantages because of their gender. According to UNICEF, 1 in 4 girls who live in poverty in Latin America do not go to school to work in domestic care tasks and 25% of girls will get married before they turn 18. The coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated these issues and increased the divide. Empowerment of these girls is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and violence.
NPH provides life-changing initiatives for young girls, like our Youth Development, Chicas Poderosas (“Powerful Girls”) and Higher Education programs – each helping transform young girls into educated, confident, self-assured, young women with the potential to achieve their biggest dreams. 

The NPH Chicas Poderosas programs work with young women and girls to challenge their surrounding cultural norms. What expectations have been given to women in the past, do not have to apply for their future. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to define an inclusive future for the mothers, the daughters, and the communities they live in. Raising awareness and funds for the programs that empower the youth of NPH will perpetuate inclusivity.
That’s why 2021 has started out with a nationwide campaign to CELEBRATE HER – an opportunity to celebrate the girls, the women, the daughters and mothers! In lieu of celebrating, we’re also focused on educating. Celebrate Her is a national effort to bring to light, the injustices against females, as much as it is about empowering NPH girls to stand up for themselves, make healthy decisions in their relationships and demand the respect they deserve.

As mentioned, we’re collecting gifts to celebrate females, raise awareness for gender equality, and support the empowerment of girls in Latin America and the Caribbean. 
Who is your HER? Is there a woman in your life who is tenacious, resilient and inspiring? Are there a few? We see those same qualities in many of the girls and young women who join the NPH family. Consider honoring the transformational women in your life with a gift to empower the lives of young women and girls across the NPH family with our tribute giving program! 

When the idea of focusing on gender equality to start 2021 reached board members, a domino effect took place. Current and former NPH USA national and regional women board members decided to come together and create a collective challenge as part of CELEBRATE HER –  supporting the movement in a big way and challenging YOU to do the same. 
As of February 8th, over $86,000 has been committed to challenge you by 16 inspiring women! Are you up for the challenge? Support the movement and give a gift in honor of your HER to contribute to the empowerment of young women and girls at NPH!
Rise to the challenge!  Give a gift in honor of your HER.