Thursday, November 21, 2013

Global Grandmothers Supports NPH USA!

Below is a wonderful letter from our friends over at Global Grandmothers letting their members know about our work. Check it out! Thank you for the support GG!

Dear Friend,

Today we want to introduce you to NPH USA, the newest GG-recommended charity. NPH USA, previously called Friends of the Orphans, supports the programs of Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH). We think you'll agree that supporting NPH USA is a perfect way to get Thanksgiving off to a running start.

Keep Their Hope Alive

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (Our Little Brothers and Sisters) provides a home for 3,342 abandoned and disadvantaged children in 9 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean - Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru.

Each home has a clinic, a school, a workshop (carpentry or welding), and a garden. Since its beginning in 1954, NPH has raised more than 17,000 children. Miguel Venegas, raised at NPH Mexico, is now Executive Director of NPH International.

We were especially drawn to NPH USA because: 
NPH instills the values of caring and sharing so that the children give back to their communities when they are grown. All children raised in NPH homes give a year of service back to the home when they graduate from high school or higher education. 
NPH encourages child sponsorship and organizes donor trips so sponsors can meet their sponsored children and visit the homes. This seems like a wonderful opportunity for linked giving with a grandchild - with the future possibility of visiting the child whom you had sponsored together. Click here to see how you and your grandchild can sponsor an NPH child.

Transform a child's life through sponsorship

When the GG Board met earlier this year for our annual review of charities, we thought NPH USA was a great choice for Global Grandmothers. Like all GG-recommended charities, NPH USA has earned a Charity Navigator 4-star rating, in addition to meeting other criteria.

Thank you for joining us to make the world a better place for kids!

Diana McDonough President Global Grandmothers

Monday, November 11, 2013

It has been a joy from the very beginning...

Below is a blog post by great supporter and godparent, Marcy Diehl, reflecting on some of the wonderful pequenos at NPH.

It has been a joy from the very beginning when I first began my relationship with little 10-year-old Dokendia at NPFS Haiti. The communication we share is truly special and even receiving her report card is fun. I try to write about 4 times a year. (I understand that the children really enjoy getting mail -- don't we all? - - so that has spurred me on!) I always remember to pick up lots of stickers and other bright flat objects to send off to her when I write, and they meet with much approval. I sent her pictures of my little dog and me once, and she was pleased about that as well. You have to be a big person to enjoy a picture of a little old lady and her tiny dog!

It was a real pleasure to meet Ronel, another pequeno, in San Diego last year. I think we provided him with his first public speaking engagement, but he was so poised that one would think he was a seasoned fundraiser! I did not think of him as a "fundraiser" but he turned into one because the audience could see where their donations were going and how successful they really were. He is so unassuming for all of his accomplishments, and it was a surprise to discover that he is a very talented artist along with being a medical student and just 30 years old! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Shirts for NPH USA!

Alex Peck is a great supporter of NPH USA who has a strong passion for NPH Guatemala. Read more about the special way he's helping the children in our homes! 

My name is Alex Peck, owner and designer of clothing line called Peace Action Apparel, which helps raise money for deserving organizations around the world. When my older sister volunteered to move to Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) Guatemala location for a year I knew it was a special cause. Since my first visit, I was inspired to lead a project to support and spread the word of NPH.

I wanted the designs to be as organic as possible and therefore chose to use hand drawn sketches done by NPH community members themselves. In May 2013, the orphanage held a design contest in which two were chosen from hundreds of drawings to be used for the front designs. On the back is the official NPH logo of founder Fr. William Wasson holding hands with children of the community.

By purchasing a shirt, you donate all proceeds to the organization. But above all, when you choose to wear the shirt, you are potentially sparking the interest of others who may be willing to donate, volunteer, and even sponsor a child directly benefiting these children’s lives and allowing for a bright and inspiring future.

Artists: Diana Elizabeth Sánchez Camargo, Cesar Geovany Gonzalez Arriaza 
Fabric: 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon