Monday, October 23, 2017

Welcome NPH Seattle Institute Students!

Over the past month, we have been delighted to welcome the 7th annual cohort of the NPH Seattle Institute to the Northwest. The six talented young leaders chosen for the program this year are warm, thoughtful, and dedicated to giving back. They have been adjusting well to living with their homestay families, and have started intensive English classes at Seattle Central College. Northwest staff, regional Board members, Associate Board members, and international volunteers have all had the opportunity to meet the students at various events, including visiting the pumpkin patch, weekend BBQs, and a welcome gathering up on Whidbey Island. Please join us at the NPH USA Northwest Gala on November 4th to meet the students!  You can also follow their progress on the Seattle Institute blog or on the Seattle Institute Facebook page. Meanwhile, we wanted to share these bios of the new students with you. Bienvenidos!
Class of 2017 – 2018


Ever, Bolivia
Ever is our first Bolivian participant in the Seattle Institute. He already has numerous experience in cross-cultural interaction and transition since he just finished his second year studying Industrial Engineering in Monterrey, Mexico. While he was in Bolivia, he spent four years assisting youth from two different age groups in their leadership and youth development programs. When asked about why he wants to come to Seattle, he replied, “I wanted to come to Seattle to experience growth as an adult. I want to develop my professional and personal skills to keep serving my NPH family, which is what Fr. Wasson wanted all of us to do.”

Darlyn, Guatemala
Darlyn arrived in Seattle having just graduated with two degrees in Physical and Occupational Therapy. She is passionate about women’s leadership and access to healthcare. Darlyn also participated in an iLeap Global Leaders session two years ago. When asked about what leadership is, she responded, “I believe that leadership is inspiring others through my actions towards other people. To lead isn’t only directing, but it means we have to work together to make sure that our world is easier, rather than harder, and equal.” She hopes to continue her support of NPH as a Physical Therapist upon her return to Guatemala.

Farid, Honduras
Farid hopes “to learn more about servant leadership and continue to grow into my full potential as an NPH leader.” He is bilingual in Spanish and Hatian Creole and in his final years of obtaining his degree in Psychology from the national public Honduran university. Farid brings a diverse background to his experience in Seattle, including a one-year long internship in Haiti at the NPH home, working as a religion teacher in NPH Honduras, and participation in four youth leadership conferences. “I can’t wait to experience all that I will in Seattle! I’m excited to learn about leadership, myself, English, and be in my homestay,” he says. “This experience will help me work better and smarter for our NPH family.”

Maria, Honduras
Maria became involved in leadership when she joined the “Youth in Action” group in Honduras. She hopes that Seattle will push her out of her comfort zone and into new personal growth. Maria is studying education, with the goal of imagining what improved education systems would look like in Honduras. She is a globally minded leader devoted to youth development and women’s leadership. She says, “I believe that being a leader means being responsible for that actions that you are making. It means taking initiative to start and continue something that no one else can. It means being an example for others, working in a team and being willing to learn from your mistakes. A leader should be inclusive and creative, not just someone who orders others around.”

Darich, Nicaragua
Darich is entering his final year of university studying Business Administration and he will complete his degree upon returning to Nicaragua. As the coordinator of the youth leadership group of NPH Nicaragua, he brings his unique experience to the cohort. Darich knows that the program will be challenging, but he is excited for the challenges and opportunities. “I wanted to come to Seattle to participate in a program that will help me grow as a person, opening doors to opportunities both professionally and personally. This program will give me the skills to confront challenging situations, make important decisions, and make me more cross-culturally competent.”

Yomara, Nicaragua
Yomara just graduated with a degree in English Education. She has participated in four different international youth leadership conferences and has assisted in different leadership groups in the Nicaragua home. Yomara says that she is a leader that acts from faith and love. “My main goal for Seattle is to prepare me better as a leader so that I can serve my family and my country,” she says. I want to help improve education systems so that we empower our youth and young adults so that they have the opportunity to be responsible men and women who always fight to achieve their goals.” Yomara is excited to learn more about leadership and eventually return to the NPH Nicaragua home to teach English.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

It's so easy to sing the praises of NPH and all they do to improve the lives of the children in their care...

Below is a testimonial from Lorraine Riedl in our Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Region who recently visited NPH Guatemala!
Amazing! That's how my seven year old granddaughter, Magnolia, described her stay at Casa San Andres, the NPH home in Parramos, Guatemala.
July 24th through July 28th, my son, granddaughter, a friend and I travelled to Guatemala to visit the children that we sponsor. Although it wasn't my first trip to an NPH home, or my first trip to Casa San Andres, it was as exciting as if it were.
There's an immediate connection with the children and staff that makes you part of the family. My granddaughter and her godsister were inseparable, and she enjoyed playing and spending time with all the children. It was fun for the adults, too. I fell in love with a 6 year old lovely little girl, a kitten lover, who I am now sponsoring in addition to the goddaughter I went to visit.
Everyone at the NPH homes receives a first rate education. They are also given the opportunity to learn a trade, such as baking, cooking, woodworking, or welding, to name a few.  Sports are also a big part of their daily lives. They are nurtured physically, mentally and spiritually.
I return from each trip energized. It's so easy to sing the praises of NPH and all they do to improve the lives of the children in their care. Because of those who sponsor children, volunteer and dedicate their time, and share their love and knowledge with the children, those young people have the opportunity to achieve a bright future.
Please visit your godchild, or visit an NPH home and sponsor a child while there, and discover the miracles that NPH, with your help, can perform.