Monday, November 11, 2013

It has been a joy from the very beginning...

Below is a blog post by great supporter and godparent, Marcy Diehl, reflecting on some of the wonderful pequenos at NPH.

It has been a joy from the very beginning when I first began my relationship with little 10-year-old Dokendia at NPFS Haiti. The communication we share is truly special and even receiving her report card is fun. I try to write about 4 times a year. (I understand that the children really enjoy getting mail -- don't we all? - - so that has spurred me on!) I always remember to pick up lots of stickers and other bright flat objects to send off to her when I write, and they meet with much approval. I sent her pictures of my little dog and me once, and she was pleased about that as well. You have to be a big person to enjoy a picture of a little old lady and her tiny dog!

It was a real pleasure to meet Ronel, another pequeno, in San Diego last year. I think we provided him with his first public speaking engagement, but he was so poised that one would think he was a seasoned fundraiser! I did not think of him as a "fundraiser" but he turned into one because the audience could see where their donations were going and how successful they really were. He is so unassuming for all of his accomplishments, and it was a surprise to discover that he is a very talented artist along with being a medical student and just 30 years old! 

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