Friday, May 17, 2013

Sponsorship is not a one-way street...

Haley Wigglesworth's Sponsorship Story: Sponsorship at any Age! 

Four years ago, Haley Wigglesworth went to NPH Honduras as part of a group of 16 eighth graders. The group spent their mornings working in the garden, kitchen, and tortilla house, and their afternoons playing with the children. She says her experience was “life-changing” and upon her return from Honduras, she began to sponsor Omar. 

Now a senior in high school, Haley has visited NPH Honduras twice more and has enjoyed spending time with Omar. She says her favorite memory of Omar happened when she arrived at NPH Honduras for the second time. Omar was among a group of boys cutting the grass, and he lit up with excitement as soon as he saw her. 

In between visits, Haley and Omar have kept in touch by writing letters. Haley says that she tries to write him once a month, and occasionally sends candy. 

 “Sponsorship is not just something you’re doing to make yourself feel better,” says Haley, “it really makes a difference to the kids.” It provides the children with a support system they need, particularly after the difficult lives so many of these children have led prior to coming to NPH. 

Omar, now 15 years old, came to NPH Honduras in March 2008 with his three younger siblings after their mother died of a terminal illness. The children had lived with their aunt for a period of time, but the aunt was a single mother and could not afford to raise all of the children in addition to her own. 

Haley added that sponsorship is “not a one-way street” and that she has benefited just as much as Omar. She says her relationship with Omar has served as grounding experience for her by broadening her worldview. Furthermore, it has pushed her to take learning Spanish more seriously. 

In addition to her sponsorship and visits to NPH Honduras, Haley keeps involved with NPH by serving on the junior board of the Mid-Atlantic region.

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