Thursday, May 23, 2013

They know there is somebody that loves them although the distance is great...

Below is a sponsorship story about long-time volunteer and godparent at NPH Nicaragua, Tecla Ris.

When asked if 16-year-old Silvia, 15-year-old Eduardo, or 9-year-old Kesler are her children, Tecla Ris is quick to respond yes. Like a parent, she does her best to encourage her three godchildren at NPH Nicaragua to stay in school and to show them how much she cares for them. 

“I hope that they know there is somebody that loves them although the distance is great,” she says. Tecla does her best to void this distance by writing to her Godchildren often and sending small gifts like stickers and bracelets. The children even write back to her, though she knows that sometimes the children find it hard to write letters. 

Tecla also tries to visit NPH Nicaragua once or twice a year, which she considers to be her second home. She says that her ability to go and simply “hang out” with her Godchildren has been the best way to connect with them. 

According to Tecla, sponsorship has enriched her life by letting others into it. It also helped remind her that not everyone has had the same opportunities and that one needs to reach out and help others. 

Tecla’s commitment to NPH extends far beyond her sponsorships. Tecla’s first involvement with NPH entailed translating letters between godparents and their children. In 1997, Tecla lived at NPH Nicaragua working on special projects and sponsorships. In 2009, Tecla served as a Tia, or caregiver, at the home. 

The children of NPH and her godchildren have truly become family to Tecla.

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