Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A letter from Fatima always brings a big smile to our faces...

What Sponsorship Means to Sue Bumagin & Paul Korn's Family

“It’s very gratifying to make a difference in the life of a child,” Sue Bumagin says of her and her husband, Paul Korn’s, sponsorship of 13-year-old Fatima at our NPH home in Honduras. Though they have not yet met Fatima, they feel that sponsorship has enriched all their lives.

Fatima writes to Sue and Paul every few months. Her letters are “very loving and so sweet,” according to Sue, and always come beautifully decorated. “A letter from Fatima always brings a big smile to our faces,” Sue says. Pictures she has sent now sit framed in their home and in Paul’s office.

Sue and Paul always write back soon after receiving a letter. After a kind friend translates their letters, Sue and Paul send the letters. Sometimes they also send small gifts that their godchild can share with other children and her little sister, Natalia, such as books in Spanish and art supplies. They also like to send her things that “a young, adolescent girl might like,” such as hair clips or bracelets.

Sue and Paul first heard about NPH and sponsorship through their friends, Barbara Kelley and Brian Orr, both Board Members of Friends of the Orphans Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Region. Sue says that she and Paul have been deeply influenced by Barbara and Brian’s enthusiasm, devotion, and love of the organization, as well as the children. Become that “special someone” in a child’s life. Sign up to sponsor today!

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