Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top 5 Accomplishments of 2012 from NPH Peru!

1. This year, we were able to inaugurate our 7th house which functions as the third boys´ house. 16 of our boys can now move in and make space in the other two houses which were full. Now, everyone can feel more comfortable and have more space. Additionally  sidewalks now connect all the houses and the National Director´s house, as well as a volunteers´ house were completed. 

2. We were able to build 17 tables and 34 benches where our children can now study and eat together. We were also able to plant more than 150 trees and grass around all our houses to beautify the space. 

3. We secured an agreement with a private pedagogical institute this year. The students that are about to graduate in Pedagogical Science are now able to complete their university internship at NPH Peru. They provide tutoring to our children daily. In this way we help the students with real work experience while the students give back to our home and teach our children free of charge. 

4. We were able to install a water treatment system that allows us to drink water safely straight from the tap. Our water was contaminated by bacteria and parasites, as it is in almost all of Peru. This put our children´s health at risk. Now, everybody can drink as much water as they need safely, and we save a significant amount of money because we don´t have to buy bottled water. 

5. This year we were able to get some local donations from the regional government in Cañete. They provide us with rice, tuna, sugar, beans, oil and other important ingredients that help feed our growing children.

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