Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top 5 Accomplishments of 2012 at NPH Nicaragua!

1. NPH Nicaragua successfully moved the administration office with all the staff from San Jorge to Jintope, Casa Padre Wasson, guaranteeing closer contact for the office personnel directly with the projects, the employees of Casa Padre Wasson and with all the kids! In this way, all the communications and the job procedures are more direct and quality and speed is improved. 

2. The agricultural production improved greatly at Casa Santiago (Ometepe Island). With the focus on field productions, NPH Nicaragua was able to convert the use of the property of Casa Santiago in the most economical advantagous way after the moving of the kids into Casa Padre Wasson. Also the production at Casa Asis (San Jorge) and Casa Padre Wasson increased greatly with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. 

3. The building of the two workshops are now complete. These workshops will provide a perfect environment for various technical training's,  for example: welding, painting, reparation, and sewing. The workshops provide training to the kids and at the same time an internal source of services to increase the autonomy of Casa Padre Wasson.  

4. A various number of construction and renovation works got underway at Casa Padre Wasson this year. The construction and preparation of the new soccer field was finished and proved to be a great venue for hosting the International Soccer Tournament this past November! All the green areas and gardens have been improved, cleaned and embellished. A long sidewalk now provides a safe walking path to the main areas of the property avoiding problems during the rainy season. The visitor’s house now has solar panels, which provide hot water for the visitors. 

5. Thanks to numerous workshops and seminars, now every worker of NPH (Caregivers, Directors, volunteers, office personnel and technical workers) is able to use the philosophy and the life of Father Wasson in everyday life and work. This training provided a greater knowledge of our organization and mission.

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