Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 5 Accomplishments of 2012 at NPH Honduras!

1. This year we are very proud to have seen 7 more members of our family graduate with a university degree! 

2. This year we have worked hard to engage our surrounding community to generate funds for our projects. These local donations include a significant grant from bank HSBC for $25,000 that helped cover the funds of our workshops for 2012. We also received a donation from the German Embassy for $10,000 which paid for much-needed repairs of our external clinic. 

3. On an international fundraising level, Friends of the Orphans and NPH Honduras launched a successful "matching" campaign in which past volunteers and visitors helped to bring in a total of over $80,000. This has ensured funding for our vocational internships and support for high school and university students. 

4. We have completed and presented a new Strategic Plan for the next five years for our home. This plan outlines through definitions and structure the meaning and foundations of the work we do and the specific ways in which together we can achieve the mission. 

5. Some of the proudest moments though, are not quite as tangible. Seeing Linda get up in front of everyone to read during Mass, watching our babies as they learn to walk, our Youth Leadership group helping build houses with Habitat for Humanity, or Karla learning and later teaching others how to crochet! They are simple things, but they are what keep us going and make us proud daily. Thankfully, sometimes the most important measures of achievement and progress cannot be found in a financial statement.

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