Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 5 Accomplishments of 2012 at NPH Mexico!

1. CPI Training of staff: This summer NPHI offered the CPI training course to all employees/volunteers working with children. This course taught them how to handle difficult situations with children, to protect both themselves and the well-being of the child. 

2. Spiritual retreat for staff: Our staff attended a spiritual retreat this year. This was one of our goals for 2012 and we are proud to say that it is now an accomplishment. 

3. Biobolsa project (improving sustainable energy): This year we installed the Biobolsa in our home in Miacatlan. This system uses the waste from the farm in order to generate natural gas for our kitchen. 

4. Ciudad Juarez: The Ciudad Juarez project began bringing children from this war torn area into our home. This city has seen an increase in violence and we are happy to reach out to the children in this area, to welcome these children to a safe home. This year we were happy to welcome 20 new faces to our home from Ciudad Juarez. 

5. Vaccinating our children: This year we were able to offer a generous number of vaccinations to our children. The government provided us with enough flu shots for each child, and between January and July we administered 559 vaccinations in total!

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