Monday, May 5, 2014

Supporter Voices

My name is Kevin Mee and I have been down to NPH Mexico 4 times. My first visit was summer of 2011, and that is where I met Alexis*, one of my godsons. My first time down, I spoke absolutely no Spanish. Despite all that, Alexis, along with the other pequeños of NPH Mexico, were filled with such joy seeing me and the other visitors that it made the language barrier not as big of a deal as it was. Every time I go down, I am renewed with energy and once again realize the important things in life such as laughter, friends, and family. I would not trade my NPH experience for anything else.

Hello, my name is Anna, and I am the chair of the NPH Associate Board in the upper Midwest. This is my godson Kelvin*. I met him while visiting the NPH home in Mexico in 2009. On my fifth trip to the home in 2013, I got to see him again. I was amazed how he grew and matured! He's been an inspiration. He works hard in school, and soon he will be graduating. Each time I return to Mexico, I see him with all his friends and it makes me happy. I am passionate about the great environment NPH fosters for these children. Thank you so much for your support!

I met my godson, Eddy*, a few years ago while I was visiting the home in Mexico. He was one of the many pequeños I met while down there but I was quickly drawn to his kind and gentle spirit. Eddy is the sweetest young boy and was always ready to give me a hug. After becoming his godmother, we spent a year writing letters back and forth until the next summer when I visited again. My favorite memories are of playing games, reading books, coloring, going to church and eating meals with Eddy. I have been so blessed to have met him.
*Aliases are used for all children's names to protect their privacy.

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