Monday, May 19, 2014

Pequeño Voices




“We get excited for our Godparents to visit because they can spend time with us and that makes us happy. We appreciate them because they are good to us and they support us.” -David*, Abraham*, Evenson*, 12 years old, attend NPH Mexico elementary school
“I appreciate my Godparents because they support us so that we have a place to live, an education, and because they care about us. ” -Michaelle*, 13 years old, attends NPH Mexico elementary school
“I am thankful to my godparents because they gave me a diary that I write in every day. I write what I liked about the day, about school, if I went swimming and other the activities I did that day, and who my best friends are.” -Ramona*, 8 years old, attends NPH Mexico elementary school
 *All child names are alias names.


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