Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Supporter Voices

Being a sponsor through NPH allows a child to receive a home; one that is not just the physical structure, but also includes all the values, education, and love that comes from a family. By giving to NPH, I know that these children have opportunities that are otherwise not given to them. As a sponsor, I am a part of that greater picture. NPH depends on donations, but sponsorship allows for a direct connection and relationship with the pequenos. On a personal level, as a former volunteer, I saw how special the godparents are to the children. Children would frequently go through their cards or photos that they have received and tell me stories about each of their godparents trying to find an common ground between me and them. They would look at the pictures and ask about other countries and culture. For the children, their godparents are special to them, and they pray for us. I look forward to receiving updates on my children, and they do as well. 

I've volunteered at multiple organizations and sponsored a child through a separation organization as well. However, it wasn't until I met my godchild through NPH that I truly felt a direct connection to the impact I was making in someone's life. The greatest part about sponsoring a child is that you don't realize the impact that they will have on your heart. Part of my heart will forever remain in Honduras with my godchild. She has taught me so much and is a constant reminder to live life intentionally and with the happiness and innocence of a child. NPH has given me the opportunity to create a loving relationship with my godchild, and I appreciate it more than I thought possible. I instantly become excited the second I see an NPH email update or letter in my mailbox, hoping that it is from her. I show off her picture to everyone I know just like she is a part of my own family. I loved her the instant I saw her picture, but the second I was able to wrap her in a hug was an absolutely indescribable moment. We had a blast hanging out all week long when I was able to visit this past December, mostly with her laughing at how awful I speak Spanish and painting our nails. Leaving after the week was over was extremely hard, and both of us cried. I just didn't want to let go of her. But I knew that I would do whatever I could to visit again, which thankfully I am able to do this summer! I miss her smiling face every single day and cannot wait to hear her laugh! She is a blessing in my life, as I hope I am to her. Sponsoring her is one of the best decisions I could have made and highly encourage others to seek this incredible relationship. NPH is a family and you will forever be a part of it, if you so choose to be! 

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