Thursday, May 15, 2014

Supporter Voices

My name is Calvin Higgins. In early January I went to Guatemala for the second time. Before I went, I questioned going because I had already gone once before. Though I had a smashing time on my first trip, I was worried that the second trip would be a bit redundant, but boy was I wrong. We were given a tour, but since I had already been given the tour last year I was given an hour to do what I wished, I chose to play some fútbol with my Guatemalan friends. Later that day I met up with Donald*, the Pequeño I sponsor, and met my dad’s Pequeño Stefany. I had never had a girl Pequeño before because I always thought the girls would be harder to socialize with; I was wrong. Throughout the whole trip I would find myself with the girls during meal times either singing Justin Bieber's latest hit or teaching them new dance moves. On the plane ride home, I reflected on the trip I had. Primarily, I was extremely glad I decided to travel to Guatemala once again because during this trip I realized that it can not be seen as just a one-time trip. Emersion trips to NPH are created to form relationships, not relationships that only last for five days, but relationships that are strong, enduring, and have the potential to last a life time. Each year it is important that I travel back to Guatemala. Each year I will have changed, and each pequeño will have changed, and it is a unique experience for myself and for the pequeños to see the development in another persons life. 

Joan Larive and Ted Ladewski have both been sponsors since 2009. Here they are visiting pequenos in Mexico in December 2012. "We have supported these children along with a group of friends who donate yearly to support these children. I have known Ericka* and Teresa* for about ten or twelve years since they first came to NPH. It is always a joy to see them all each year." 

Howdy! My name is Fr. Mike Straley. I think it was about five years ago that my parish in Phoenix was asked to host a group of students from NPH El Salvador. While they were with us I met Estiven* and the rest is a great relationship between us. The next year I was invited to attend the Gala dinner where students from Mexico were entertaining. I met Osvaldo* and...well, now I have five "ahijados" or godchildren, three in Mexico and two in El Salvador. I have visited them often. I cannot tell you what a wonderful experience it is to visit the children in their homes and meet their friends (their NPH brothers and sisters). I now have many "ahijados de mi Corazon" or godchildren of my heart. Although I am a celibate Catholic priest, my room is filled with pictures of my children--only God could do that! 
*Aliases are used for all children's names to protect their privacy.

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