Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Christmas Story from NPH Peru

Silvia, 18 years old
NPH Peru

This December makes 7 years for me living at NPH. When I was twelve my mother passed away, and I lived with my father and my two siblings. We then entered NPH, and at that time the home was situated in the north of Peru close to my father´s home in beautiful Cajamarca.

However, we lived in poverty with my Father. When Christmas arrived I used to go to church with my friends and spend the day there because that's where I felt safe. When mass finished I waited until the end because they gave me a piece of panettone, a type of sweet bread loaf, and some sandwiches. Sometimes it was the only meal that we had during the day.

NPH change my life radically. At first I missed my father and my home, but after a while I realized that we have everything at NPH. There is nothing that we lack, and we are supported and helped in every aspect of life. I can’t think of any gift I received before I came to NPH. My house was little and never decorated, and my father couldn’t afford presents for us. If I had to choose a gift I would want a t-shirt, trousers or a pair of shoes.
I like Christmas at NPH because we decorate our rooms with snowflakes. I wish I could see snow sometimes. It has to be magical.

Sometimes life beyond NPH scares me. Here life is peaceful and secure, outside it is uncertain. I fear that I won’t be able to find work. My hope for Christmas is to be able to finish high school and start university so I can have a good profession. My dream is becoming a nurse to be able to help others.

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