Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Stories from Guatemala

Pablo (13 years old)

My name is Pablo. I am 13 years-old. I came to NPH Guatemala just over one year ago. Before moving to NPH, I lived with my mom and four siblings. I have two older sisters and two brothers who are younger than me. Each year we celebrated Christmas with a big family gathering. Everyone was there except my father. He disappeared from our lives when I was little. My mom, my aunts, my uncles and siblings always celebrated together. 

Each year, we ate tamales (a Latin American dish made from corn, wrapped in a leaf, and steamed). Tamales are a tradition here in Guatemala. For Christmas my brothers, sisters and I would receive gifts. Each year my mom gave us a box of fireworks that we would set off the night before Christmas. This is another tradition where I live. We also received a little box filled with grapes.

After living at NPH for a year, I’m happy. I feel welcome and safe here. I am grateful to attend school each day. I am learning a lot here. I am learning to read, to write and to respect. Although NPH is my new home, I still think about my mom a lot. She visits me during Visitor’s Days when she can. If I could have any wish granted, I would invite my mom to eat pizza; that’s what I’d do. I would make our pizza. If I could have any gift for Christmas, I would give it to my mom—a beautiful blouse, or a skirt, or a pair of earrings. She deserves it.

At NPH we give homes to children in need like Pablo, where they can feel loved and secure and grow into caring and productive members of their communities. 

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