Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Stories from NPH El Salvador

Roberto (8 years old)

I don’t have any idea how Christmas outside NPH is since I only remember that all my Christmases have been at NPH. I can’t imagine how it's going to be one day when I'm outside of NPH.

When I think of Christmas time, I imagine all the fireworks, gifts, new clothes and the posadas with all my brothers and sisters.

I can’t wait every for Christmas morning when I receive my gift from Tio. I know that I already have all that I need, but this year I hope to get a big toy car into to play with my brothers at the babies’ house.

Martiza (12 years old)

I remember Christmas before arriving at NPH, they were different in two ways. When my mother was alive we shared a humble diner with all my siblings. We didn’t get gifts, but we were happy just to be with her. After my mom died, Christmas time was very sad. My dad didn’t care for us, and the memories from my mother on Christmas time were incomparable. When my siblings and I arrived at NPH, we had a different Christmas with so many people. The posadas and dinner at the basketball court are wonderful and makes me think of my mom.

I enjoy Christmas morning because we have the opportunity to get a big present with little ones inside. I like everything, and I am very thankful because I know it's the result of the effort of so many people who care about us. If I could have something else I think that it would be an extra pair of jeans, shirt and matching jewelry the same color as my shirt!

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