Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I felt so blessed to be a part of this trip...

Below is a testimonial from Teresa Turner who recently visited the NPH home in Mexico with her friends who are godparents to children there. Check out what she had to say about her visit!

In July, I traveled to Cuernavaca with my friend Emma, her family and a small group of other Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos supporters. Emma had told me about the great work done by NPH and I was anxious to gain my own perspective. We planned a short trip, Wednesday to Sunday. But we timed the trip so as to be in Mexico to attend the school graduations. 

The graduations took place on Friday. On Thursday we were able to visit the home in Miacatlan where the children live as well as go to school. Walking into the grounds of the NPH home we met children who knew no strangers, only friends. These children were so happy to have visitors and made us feel welcome in their home. Emma, who had been to the home previously, gave me a tour around the grounds so that I could see where the children slept, went to school, ate, and played. Throughout the tour there were children hard at work completing their chores in anticipation of graduation day. Their attitude was positive and inspiring. I was left with the impression that they were part of one big united family. It was a very different scene than the one that I had pictured. I had incorrectly thought that children separated from their parents could not live a happy life. However, I saw a place where a solid community was founded and consequently a loving environment was provided to these children. 

Friday, we eagerly bused back out to Miacatlan in the morning for the graduation ceremony. The graduation day was wonderful. We sat outside on concrete bleachers that overlooked a sport court. The decorations were perfectly festive. I felt honored as I sat there amongst so many proud parents, supporters, and friends of the gorgeous children graduating. We watched and cheered as the Kindergarten, 6th grade and 9th graders preformed a graduation dance in beautiful authentic Mexican wear. It was a very emotional day for most of the children as they were called individually to accept their diploma from the head of school and each child had their picture taken. One could see from the expressions on the faces of these children’s how special they felt at that moment. The staff and supporters of NPH made this an unforgettable day for these children. 

After the graduation ceremony we preceded to the chapel where mass was celebrated. The mass was beautiful with the children’s choir offering enthusiastic songs. After mass we all shared a meal together and we were again made to feel as though we were part of their family. I felt so blessed to be a part of this trip. I went on the trip thinking I would be seeing things like a tourist but I came away realizing that these children need much more than that from us, they need loving friends. The distance between us is not as great as it may appear on a map.

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  1. Great memories. So happy to have shared the experience with you guys! Leah


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