Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An open letter to a special pequeño ...

Taylor Costas recently had the opportunity to travel to NPH Guatemala and meet her godchild.  She had a wonderful visit!  After spending one week getting to know her godchild, Taylor wrote him the following letter.  See what Taylor wrote to her godchild!

My dear, darling Clemente,

It was my ENORMOUS pleasure to spend a week with you at your home at NPH Guatemala. I consider myself blessed to have such an intelligent, hardworking, and most of all kind godchild in my life and to have been able to see where you live, play, and learn every day. Already I miss you deeply, but I look forward to writing you many more of these letters (they won’t all be posted online, I promise) and to having the privilege of seeing you grow up to do wonderful things. But for now, Clemente, would you mind if I share a bit of what we did with our friends on the NPH blog? I hope you will not be embarrassed… It is only because I am bursting to tell everyone of our time together.

I knew I loved you long before I met you. Four months, to be exact. My friends ventured to NPH Guatemala this past spring and chose you to be my ahijado and me, they hoped, your madrina. From your broad smile and bright eyes in the pictures they brought home, I imagined what your laughter would sound like. What I could not have predicted was the warmth with which you would welcome me, the patience with which you would greet my non-existent Spanish skills, or the trust you would offer as willingly as you would place your hand in mine. I guessed (correctly) that you would love whoopee cushions and Hot Wheels cars… but I could never have known that you would share them so freely and gracefully at your young age. (Difficult as it may be to imagine, children where I come from are not always so generous.) I looked forward to meeting your friends… but I could never have dreamed that Kevin, Damián, and Brando would be such funny or such caring “brothers” for you. And while I knew you’d be getting a top-notch education, I could never have foreseen that you would be so clever and responsible. I may be biased, Clemente, but I am impressed. It isn’t hard to see that you have won my heart, and even more quickly and completely than I ever knew possible. I’m so grateful to NPH for welcoming me into the family, and to you for sharing your world with me.

Until next time…

All my love ~ Taylor

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