Monday, July 30, 2012

Corresponding with your Godchild!

The children eagerly await any correspondence from their Godparents. We strongly encourage letter writing as it helps create a special loving relationship. Even short notes will elicit a smile from your Godchild. 

To send a card or letter, simply place it in an unsealed envelope and mark it with your Godchild’s full name, country and your name. (Please do not put return addresses on the envelopes.) Then place the unsealed envelope and its contents into another envelope and mail it as follows: Child’s Full Name c/o Friends of the Orphans 134 North LaSalle Street Suite 500 Chicago, IL 60602-1036. 

We will have your message translated if necessary, before sending it on to the NPH home of your child. Please allow 10-16 weeks for return correspondence from your Godchild. 

Here are some writing tips

  • Keep your letters simple. 
  • Write about things your Godchild will understand, such as family, pets, hobbies and activities. 
  • Encourage your child’s learning activities and special interests such as art, dance and sports. 
  • Emphasize things you have in common. As time goes on, you will discover shared interests, perhaps a favorite school subject or a love of music. Because of your significance in the life of the child you sponsor, these common interests will enhance the child’s self-esteem. 
  • Please avoid discussing material possessions, which will emphasize differences. 
  • Send pictures of yourself and your family. Such photographs will become prized possessions. 
  • Send postcards or photos of where you live and places you have visited. Postcards and photos are fun and educational for your Godchild. However, please help us safeguard your family’s privacy—do not include any direct contact information (including but not limited to: home, work or e-mail addresses) anywhere in your correspondence. 
  • Flat paper items are the only things we can forward to your Godchild. Bookmarks, pages from coloring books, stickers, flat magnets, photos, postcards and prayer cards are all acceptable. Items such as jewelry or anything that changes the shape of the envelope can be confiscated by customs officials in other countries. 

For more information on corresponding, including phrases in Spanish/Creole, please visit or call 1-866-690-1703. 

Thank you for being a sponsor!

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