Thursday, July 12, 2012

"The children's pain is washed away because of others' love for them."

Below is a letter great Friend, Madison, wrote to Friends of the Orphans on the last night of her mission trip.

Thank you for this opportunity to witness and take part in this amazing experience. At first I didn't know what to expect; speaking a different language and traveling alone (without my parents or family) to another country was a very large leap to take in my life. Now, I've never been to such an amazing place. Some call it home, others, it is the last place left in the world for them to go; it is like a passage into a new life; and some like to think of it as the answer to their prayers. NPH has changed me as a person, throughout my heart, soul and mind.

I am now fully understanding of how thankful and gracious I should be for what I receive, my family, my belongings, my home, my life. When some people say they are thankful for these things, they don't understand what it really means. Once you go through and witness the life of the pequenos, you may not look at life the same way as before. This happened to me. I don't feel bad for them, only what they have gone through because the place they are at now is almost magical. The sun shines on the trees' leaves and creates a mystical glow, the bright flowers float to the ground, the smiles and laughter of the children must make God smile as well, birds singing their bountiful tunes and the triumphant wings of butterflies. The children's pain is washed away because of others' love for them. I thank you so much for this.


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