Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

At all of our NPH homes, even though many of our children come to us because their biological mothers can no longer take care of them, our pequeños are not motherless by any means. They have many "mothers" in their lives, and a strong and supportive family that lets them know they are truly loved.

"To them, I was a mother figure (yes, some of my girls called me “Ma” and “Mommy”), a sister, an aunt, a friend, a teacher and a mentor. What they were to me was an inspiration. Each day, I was encouraged by their ability to overcome any and all obstacles. They made my time at NPH fulfilling, and I was able to fill a void in their lives." -Kelly Hettic, volunteer at NPH Mexico 

"When the sun sets and the moon comes up, our mothers don't tire; they continue their work. As Charly, a Tía from Casa Santa Maria Reina, says, "there isn't a day to say everything that we as mothers have done, because every day is something special for a mother." Every day is Mother's Day; however, on this day we open up and remember all the help, encouragement, and love that each mother has brought into the lives of all the children here at NPH and in Honduras." -Benjamin Katz, Home Correspondent at NPH Honduras

"In their service, the mother figures live out and offer the very core values that NPH works to instill in its children: love, security, sharing, work and responsibility. Their presence of positive motherhood is vital for the healthy growth of our children, many of whom have experienced loss and abandonment by loved ones. Learning by their example, we hope that our pequeños will know the gifts of service, love and responsible motherhood in their own futures." -Hailey Rademacher, Communications Officer at NPH Honduras

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