Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A debt of goodness...

Below is a wonderful story shared by great Friend, Sharon Li, who recently celebrated her child's 9th birthday and instead of asking for gifts, they came up with the idea to ask their friends to support our mission. 

My child's name is Skyler Li. He is just 9 years old. I have been taking him to volunteer since he was 5. We volunteer for Hidaya, packing shipping containers with clothing, toys and housewares that are distrubuted to the poor in Pakistan. We also volunteer with a Buddhist organization visiting the elderly, and I have organized a small group of 3 children to visit another group home for the elderly where the children sing songs and play their violins. 

When I was 6 years old I used to write letters to Father Wasson. I was a child, so of course I wrote only brief, silly things about my day. Father Wasson must have been very busy himself with more important things, but he ALWAYS replied to me and reminded me to remember the poor. I did. I donated my toys. After writing for several years, I grew older and stopped writing. But I never forgot the poor and have volunteered myself since high school. 

Later, as a young mother, I remembered Father Wasson and wrote again to thank him for shaping my young life and inspiring me to give and have compassion. Our lives are always changing. In times when I was in need myself, I have received the grace, mercy and compasssion of others. I cannot pay back those who extended kindess to me, but I can give kindness to others who are in need. I believe that every kindness shown to me creates a debt of goodness that I need to pass on to others. 

Now, as a woman in my 50's with another young child, I still remember the poor and to always give back and create good karmic connections. What Father Wasson did some 50 years may have seemed very small and insignificant at tthe time; afterall, what can writing a letter to a 6-year-old do? It planted a seed that has been passed on to countless others for so many, many years. I believe that everything we do creates a cause and effect. Karmic affinities that are built will have their good result. 

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