Tuesday, February 21, 2012

She told me that she was so grateful to have me in her life and that she loved me so much...

Jordan Hightower shares her story of sponsorship with us! Thank you Jordan!

I felt compelled to become a Godparent at an NPH Faces of Hope event when I saw a table of beautiful, smiling faces. Perusing the photos of the many children who had so much love in their hearts, and who simply wanted to share that love, inspired me to get involved. That night I wrote a letter to a little girl, Nadine, whose story drew me in.

Nadine had lost both her parents in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti when she was only seven years old. Her biography described her as a little girl who, despite the tragedy and heartache, was full of light and who loved to go to school and learn. I couldn’t wait to get to know her! 

About a month later, I received a hand drawn picture that now hangs in my classroom and a note so beautifully colored and so joyful that it took my breath away. Nadine relayed to me that she loved to play with balls in the play yard and to sing. She told me that she was so grateful to have me in her life and that she loved me so much. And I had no doubt it was true! Nadine’s letters continue to bring me joy, always arriving, fortuitously, on days when I need a bright light or a pick me up.

I had the good fortune to travel to Honduras with NPH this past summer and every child I met, I wanted to sponsor alongside Nadine. Although I am not sure I will ever visit Haiti, my good friend Rachel recently did and brought me back pictures of Nadine. (She is pictured below with Nadine.) She also gave me a great gift – Rachel used some very expensive cell phone minutes to call me with Nadine, and I got to talk to her in my somewhat broken French. It was an afternoon I will never forget!

The opportunity to become a godparent through Friends of the Orphans is accessible and affordable. It will enliven your life in ways you can only imagine!

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