Thursday, February 16, 2012

Once you enter the NPH homes, you feel peace, love, and care everywhere...

Below is a great story of sponsorship from Friends, Cathy and Tom McQuillan from Arlington Heights, IL. 

This past November, my husband Tom and I joined an American group tour to NPH Guatemala and El Salvador. This was a life-changing experience! Not only did we make 18 new U.S. friends, but we saw the natural beauty and also the abject poverty in these two countries, which have both been terribly affected by long wars, injustice, and violence. But, once you enter the NPH homes, you feel peace, love, and care everywhere! The children are eager to greet and hug you. They want to talk with you and play games with you. We were lucky enough to be present for the kindergarten and 8th grade graduations and an elegant quincenera ceremony and celebration honoring eighteen 15-year-old young women. Our highlight came when we met our goddaughter, Wendy. Wendy is 15 years old and is suffering from severe spine curvature. It is negatively impacting her health. In fact, she is now on oxygen and living in the home's clinic. Despite her life threatening disease, she is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Meeting her especially made us appreciate sponsorships. We could see how the money is helping her life, and we could tell how important regular communications are. Knowing that others care and are helping mean the world to these children. From our visit, we have since added two new goddaughters! We were extremely impressed by the staff, teachers, caregivers, and all associated with NPH and Friends of the Orphans. Our money is being well spent and our prayers are being answered. As Father Wasson, the founder, said, "WE ARE ALL ONE BIG FAMILY, GOD'S FAMILY!"

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