Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NPFS Haiti 's 25th Anniversary Right Around the Corner!

Below is a message from Father Rick Frechette, discussing the fast-approaching anniversary of the St. Helene home in Haiti and the mission of NPH.

In just two weeks, on January 23, 2012, NPFS Haiti will celebrate 25 years of existence. It is not easy to celebrate festively in the face of the ongoing devastation in the country, but to celebrate every other way is surely in order!

During January, we will ask our new Archbishop, Guire Poulard, to celebrate mass at Kenscoff (St. Helene). It will be a mass of thanks-giving, remembering all of our children, staff, benefactors, those who have died and Fr. Wasson. 

We have every intention of using our anniversary as a time of evaluation and redirection. We will spend 2012 reviewing the trajectory of these 25 years, analyzing if we are still on track with our goals, suggesting ways of improvement, and getting feedback from those who have benefitted and worked in our programs in order to improve.

Please keep us in your prayers for this new year, that it might be a year of great grace for all of us.

Best regards,
Fr. Richard Frechette, CP

Click here to read an article by Father Rick about the history of NPFS Haiti, the great accomplishments of our collective work and looking forward to the future there. 

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