Friday, August 18, 2017

Finding family at NPH Guatemala...

Below is a reflection written by our very own Ross Egge, Development Manager in the Northwest NPH USA office about his recent trip to the NPH home in Guatemala!!

This past July, I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel to our home in Guatemala with a group of amazing people from the NPH Northwest community. Though NPH has been part of my life for many years, I am never more inspired and continually impressed with the work and dedication being afforded to these children and communities then when seeing it and sharing it with others. For many in our group, it was the first trip to an NPH home, for others it was a long-awaited return, for everyone it was an experience to remember, and an impactful reminder of the positive change we get to be part of with the NPH family.

The children, so loving, so fun, so very much children being children. It was so fun to see some of the godchildren meeting their sponsors from the Northwest for the first time. Some on our trip have made trip down many times and were able to relish in how their godchildren have grown, and catch up with the children and staff they have built relationships with over the years. 

Where the full weight of what this trip was for me and for those in our group cannot be shared in words or pictures, the love shared among our group and with the children and staff of NPH Guatemala is fully present for all of us upon our return as we attempt to transfer the intangibles of what we experienced to our daily lives, making better a world so desperate for healing, and seeking new ways to support and encourage the beautiful children of our NPH family. I want to thank all our participants for joining us on this journey and for being an inspiration to me in the way you became family, not only to the children of NPH, but to one another. That is truly the power of being in a place so fully infused with love for others. Thank you! 

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