Monday, July 10, 2017

There is a pure happiness and love at the NPH homes that lifts me up…

Below is reflection written by sponsor and Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Junior Board member Angel Deschamps after returning from her recent trip to NPH Dominican Republic.

I first travelled to the NPH Dominican Republic home on a school service trip over a year ago. I was afraid that my Spanish wasn’t good enough to develop relationships, but as soon a little boy came up and asked my name, all my worries went away. I learned that language barriers are something you can overcome, and quickly decided to sponsor this confident, mischievous little boy who had stolen my heart. I love that our relationship has been built on memories shared, and not stories told. When I returned this year, I was officially a sponsor, not just a visitor. Reunited with my godchild, we were excited to spend time together – eating lunch together and spending time in the park. My godchild seemed so proud that I was his madrina – sharing this with all his friends and caregivers – and I could not be happier to be sponsoring him!

NPH has given so much to me. What really strikes me is that the kids are so happy at NPH. I've now visited both the NPH Dominican and Honduran homes and have found that although the children may come from difficult backgrounds, they all still manage to smile and enjoy life. When I am at an NPH home my troubles fade and everything is put in perspective. The children are grateful to have a place to call home and to have people who care about them. There is a pure happiness and love at the NPH homes that lifts me up. I am now a member of the Junior Board in my region, proudly wear NPH bracelets, and tell anyone and everyone who will listen to me about my time at NPH. I do it in hopes to give back at least a little to the enormous gift NPH gave me. I'm extremely grateful to NPH and to my godchild who continues to show me what really matters in life.

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