Thursday, February 23, 2017

The people I met and the things I saw will forever be ingrained in my mind…

Below is a reflection by Franki Mullen of Saint Anselm College who went on a Mission Trip to NPH Dominican Republic.

When someone says an experience changed their life, it is easy to be skeptical how true that statement is. However, after spending only one week at NPH I cannot imagine saying anything other than, ‘That experience changed my life.” The people I met and the things I saw will forever be ingrained in my mind. I will never forget dancing on the roof under the Dominican night sky, holding a little girl in my arms while her light lit up her whole face, looking through pictures one of the pequenos had of her Quincenera, or eating sugar cane in the back of a truck while speeding through the towns. However, the trip was not just about getting some sun and eating sugar cane. The poverty seen was so eye opening and heartbreaking, but it was the Dominican people’s attitudes in the face of adversity that moved me the most. They were always smiling, laughing, and making the most of any situation. They welcomed us in with open hearts and made us feel at home. Even though we were there to help them, instead we felt equal, making it so that we were always motivated to do our absolute best job at whatever task was at hand. I am so thankful to those who reached out and held my hand while on the trip, and I can hope that I had one tenth of the impact that they all had on me.


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