Friday, December 11, 2015

Poem Wins Writing Competition in UPMW Region!

The Upper Midwest Region hosted our inaugural Photo Gallery Opening on December 3rd at the NPH USA Office in Minneapolis.  We had nearly 80 entries for the photography and writing competition.  The gallery was curated by a committee made up of Pequeñas who grew up in our NPH Mexico home and members of our Associate Board.  The following poem that won our writing competition was read by author Bridgette Springer at the event!

We hope you enjoy the small glimpses into life at our NPH homes as much as we do!

See our previous post to view the winner of the photography competition or stop by our office in Minneapolis to see them on display.

As we walked to her section,

she asked me

“Do you ever look up at the stars

and think that we all see the same ones?”


“Yes,” I want to tell her, a year later.

I think it every night that I come back

to my parents’ house

from a life that’s so different

from mine in Guatemala.

As I walk to the garage,

I whisper “noches” to the stars,

in hopes that my boys,

looking up at them from their bunkbeds,

will hear it

and know that I’m thinking of them.


-Bridgette Springer, 2015


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