Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our First Christmas in Nicaragua

The below poem was written by two of our board members, John and Mona Fonseca, which reflects on their Christmas visit at our NPH Nicaragua home.

To share a few highlights of our NPH home visit
We were asked to take 3 to 4 minutes of your time
To say it all in this time allotted
We decided to organize our thoughts in rhyme.

Last year we planned on doing something different for Christmas
And visiting an NPH home just sounded like a treat.
We had no idea what to expect while we were down there
Except, our godchild for the first time we would meet.

Elizabeth was there at the airport to greet us
With her sister and Mila at her side
We made our introductions on the drive to the NPH home
With Mila translating all through the ride.

There were so many planned activities
During this festive time of the year
We spent as much time as we could with Elizabeth
Who seemed to be always filled with good cheer.

Eating time was really bonding time
As far as we could tell.
With each meal we shared at Elizabeth’s house
We slowly got to know her close friends as well

We’ll now always recall the events of last Christmas eve
Where we celebrated our first outdoor vigil in Spanish
Followed by delicious food, fun and frolic
Capped off with fireworks right at the finish.

Wishing everyone “Feliz Navidad” was quite memorable
At the end of that festive night
It felt like we were with family
And our hearts filled with immense delight

This was our most relaxed and fun-filled Christmas
All mixed into one.
We loved being part of the NPH Christmas traditions
And joining in their fun.

We’ve heard others share “You got to visit to feel it”
We now truly know what they meant
Our hearts were filled with such wonderful feelings

That we’ll be making this trip our annual event.

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