Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life and Love

Below is a beautiful reflection from Ed and Wanda Sweeney, long-time parishioners and NPH supporters.

The massive front doors to the hacienda in Miacatlan opened, and we were greeted by 20-30 bubbly young children and welcomed to their home - Fr Wasson's Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos home, for over 800 orphaned children. Their smiles were so full of happiness, their faces so full of life - we were immediately struck by the joy and love that lived in this special place.

It was early December of 1992, so that afternoon we were treated to the traditional Posada, the re-enactment of Joseph & Mary's search for lodging in Bethlehem and afterwards we celebrated with the breaking of a pinata. One has to be impressed by this wonderful facility - its dorm rooms, the chapel, the fish farm, the tortilla "factory" and kids everywhere supporting and caring for each other, studying, working, cavorting as kids do. They marveled at my Polaroid camera and 15mm videocam - I had my own film crew!!

We have since served as "godparents" for several of the children and returned again years later to visit them. Some have grown up and one has gone on to the University in Monterey. Fr Wasson has provided life and love for these children. In fact, that best describes NPH - "life and love". It's one of those "you have to experience it" places!

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