Saturday, February 8, 2014

International Student Leadership Program in WA partners with other local org

Read this wonderful update below directly from our NW regional staff about an exciting new partnership in the works!

We are developing a wonderful partnership between the International Student Leadership Program and a place here in Spokane, WA called the Hutton Settlement.

The Hutton Settlement is a children’s foster care home with some great similarities to NPH.  Their mission is to nurture, educate and prepare children who are in need of a safe and healthy home.

In October, the students from the International Leadership Program came over to Spokane (we are about 300 miles from Seattle) to attend our fundraiser and to do a service project at Hutton Settlement.  The service project was to build a sandbox. 

The children from Hutton were also invited to join in.  It was a beautiful, crisp fall afternoon, and after meeting together and learning about each other, our students and some of the Hutton children began the project, which involved some digging, leveling and placing the concrete brick border.  

What I found really great about the experience is that there really seemed to be a bond between the Hutton children and our students.  They really didn’t share any language abilities, but they worked side by side in this joint effort to create something of lasting  benefit for the children.

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