Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A look back at 2013 for the International Volunteer Program

2013 was a great year for our International Volunteer Program. Seven new volunteers joined the NPH community in January 2013. In July, another 32 committed to serving for a year at NPH, and three served for the summer in the Dominican Republic. A total of 68 volunteers served at some point during the year. That includes those who finished service in early 2013, and those who have extended their service from previous years.

Our volunteers work long hard hours each day at NPH and show tremendous dedication to and love for the NPH family. In appreciation of their hard work, we support them as best we can.
For the first time, we hosted two “Re-Entry” retreats for volunteers who have completed their service. It’s a safe space for volunteers to reflect on the experience, share stories from their time at NPH, and process the difficult aspects of service. We hosted and facilitated weekend long retreats in Minnesota and Washington for 16 former volunteers. Kara King and Joe Cotton, both former volunteers themselves, helped plan and facilitate. We plan to host two retreats each year going forward as they were very well received!

We have dedicated funds to assist in the cost of international medical insurance starting in 2014. This should help all our volunteers purchase high quality medical insurance in case they are injured or ill while serving at NPH.
Our International Volunteer Coordinator again visited two homes to see our volunteers in action, spoil them with some homemade food and treats, and learn more about the volunteer program in each home. This helps us choose the right home for the right volunteer, as well as building important connections to our volunteers.

We again welcomed two Hightower Kloos Legacy Fund recipients in 2013 - Avriel Burlot and Amber Moore. These volunteers also received some additional support for their time in Haiti. They help us keep the memory of Ryan Kloos and Molly Hightower alive, as well as the legacy of Erin Kloos in action. We will forever mourn the loss of Molly and Ryan as we celebrate the contributions of our current Haiti volunteers. 
To learn more about our International Volunteer Program, click here! You can also meet our current volunteers here!

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