Sunday, October 27, 2013

International Volunteer Update from Avriel Burlot!

I’ve been in Haiti for exactly a month and what a month it has been. I feel really lucky that I was able to visit Haiti several times during my two years in the Dominican Republic because the adjustment period now was much easier than I expected. So far I have really enjoyed the job and the transition period is nearing its end so Denso and I can find a set routine very soon. However, in addition to the work, I have been keeping very busy too, getting to know all of the programs, children and really get my bearings in Haiti.

The Communications Team has been good so far. I am working closely with Denso as he transitions into the full-time Communications Officer. I know he will do a great job because he is organized and extremely motivated. However, I see where I am of use in creating a new structure and system as to how the job is done. Since I arrived, I have met everyone that you might have contact with as the Communications Officer. We have responded to many requests and emails together and even began developing several stories. Also, I have been able to take many pictures, which is probably one of the best parts of the job. Denso’s motivation to do the job well only enhances my motivation to be the bet support to him as possible.

Outside of the job I have been spending as much time as possible with the kids. I have been doing somewhat of a rotation in Tabbare between St. Damien, FWAL and Don Bosco. This has been great for my Creole as well as building trust and a relationship with the children. Also, any chance I get to go up to Kenscoff I take because one of the main objectives of the job is to put Kay Elen a bit more in the spotlight, not to mention the kids up there are the best. Great things are happening all around NPFS and I am just happy to be a part of it.

Thank you so much for helping with this great opportunity! I am excited about the next several months and how we can make this job in the long run help NPFS more.

Avriel is an award recipient of the 2013 Hightower Kloos Legacy Fund, which you can learn more about here!

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