Monday, July 22, 2013

NPH International Leadership Program

Celson, Doris, Rodolfo and Jacinto, our four NPH International Leadership Program participants who grew up at our NPH homes and are now wrapping up a year of studying leadership and English in Seattle, had the opportunity to give presentations to five local Seattle elementary schools throughout May and June. We had a wonderful time sharing at St. Catherine School, St. Anne School, St. Louise School, St. Madeleine Sophie School, and Puesta del Sol! 

Our leadership students shared about their respective countries, cultures, and life at NPH. It was so fun to watch the elementary students light up as they learned about monkeys who steal food in Guatemala, how children in El Salvador are celebrated on Children’s Day, and how grass at NPH is cut with a machete! The presentations also included learning a few phrases in Spanish, and even folk dancing! 

The final presentation was at Puesta del Sol, a Spanish-immersion elementary school, so our leadership students were able to present in Spanish! Below are some of the elementary students’ thoughts and reactions to the presentations. It is clear that the leadership students had a big impact – we’re so happy to be able to encourage global thinking in these young students who will one day be leaders themselves: 

“It was very interesting to learn about countries I have not visited. I really liked meeting the presenters, they had a lot of enthusiasm for their subject.” Ilsa – 5th grade 

“I really liked the presentation because I’m interested in the differences and similarities between the presenters’ countries and the United States. I also liked hearing the Spanish and the distinct accents.” Lauren – 5th grade 

“After the presentations, I realized all the money and things I have in my life. Now I appreciate what I have.” Callie – 5th grade 

“My students enjoyed their time with you so much. Thank you for taking time to share with us. I hope we will be able to visit your beautiful and unique countries soon. The national pride and happiness in being a part of NPH is obvious. Once again, thank you for everything.” Ms. Maya Stevens, 5th grade teacher

Doris sharing about traditions in El Salvador 

Rodolfo teaching the students about life at NPH

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