Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It could not happen if it were not for you.

A message of good news from Frank Donaghue, Chief Executive Officer:

Just recently we celebrated the feast of Easter, and like most feasts we celebrate in the Church, or even holidays we celebrate within the secular community, they are very planned and structured with every detailed prepared. In the church, the music is practiced, the special flowers arranged, the ritual unique, and so too is the way we celebrate Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day with our families. We have special traditions and customs that make up these annual planned events.

However, the real events of Easter and Christmas and Pentecost were not like our current celebrations; they were unexpected, kind of scary, almost rough, and yet they are the very events through which God made himself known to us. 

For our kids their stories are also often rough, scary, and unexpected, but once at NPH something happens; their lives are changed, and for most of our children they experience family for the first time. This is the good news of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.

James Joyce, the Irish writer, describes “Epiphany” as a quick sudden discovery of "whatness", and that is what happens at NPH. And it could not happen if it were not for you. 

It happens through your generosity of resources and even your love by becoming part of our children’s lives. Every time I visit a home I seem to connect with a child and decide to sponsor a new child: one who never knew his parents; one the son of parents who left him at NPH because they had HIV, were alcoholics, and the mother a prostitute and knew that they could never take care of him; a little girl and her 5 brothers and sisters whose mother died; a boy who started his life in a trash dumpster. Each story more tragic, scary, unexpected, and rough than the previous. In a short time, I have had an epiphany, perhaps they have had one too. My small gift is little compared to the gift they have given me. 

It costs about $5,000 a year to give a child that life, that hope, that opportunity. It is their food, their medical care, their education. 

NPH is their home, their family, you have a chance to bring provide that for them, and they have the ability to give you a gift beyond measure…take it from one who had an epiphany. 

This is an invitation to truly change the life of a child and transform your life at the same time; now that is good news.

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