Monday, August 13, 2012

We are rewarded and receive far more from the children than we can possibly give to them.

Scott Lane, great Friend and Sponsor, shares his thoughts about his latest trip visiting the pequeños of  NPH Nicaragua! The children are truly amazing, and you can get the chance to meet them when they visit the states on their upcoming tour to the Midwest. Learn more here!

Reflecting on our third trip to the NPH home in Nicaragua, I am once again reminded of the faithful, loving community that is for us indeed our extended family there. We are surely ‘one and holy’ as a Church at NPH Nicaragua. 

The preparations for Semana Santa were in full gear the week we were at the home. We participated in Stations of the Cross and Sunday Mass. These were of course as familiar to us as if we were at home in Chicago. We were further blessed to participate in the pilgrimage to the National Sanctuary of Jesus Del Rescate in Popoyuapa. 

We were amazed by all the changes from the previous year. The home now has a full time, resident priest from Spain. We renewed and deepened existing relationships with Angela, the nurse from Switzerland; and made new ones with Tina, the art therapist from Holland, and Lilly and Verena, the occupational therapists from Austria. In the past year, the home has completed the school building, computer lab, a large and modern clinic, two additional houses, and a fabulous guest house. 

This amazing amount of work and progress are only possible through the generous support of dear Friends of the Orphans from around the world. So many people are making a significant difference, and we are privileged to witness such faithful, loving support transforming lives child by child exactly as Father Wasson envisioned. 

And, yes, that brings me to the centerpiece of all the effort, support, and love - the pequeños. Everyone’s efforts are laser focused on the love, care, and development of the children at the home. While it’s hard work, it is such a joyful and fulfilling mission to be a part of. It is a highlight of our year to once again meet with our two goddaughters and their friends. We are rewarded and receive far more from the children than we can possibly give to them. 

Our friends ask us if we are on a ‘Mission Trip’ by which they mean building homes and other such worthy causes. We build relationships, provide support, play games, lend a hand, teach English, help with homework, and live our faith by trying to do many small things with great love. Love does conquer all and that love, every day, starts with the tias and tios that care for the children. They are at the front lines of everything that happens in the NPH family. The transformation of our children’s lives begins with them. They truly amaze and inspire us. 

Lastly, we are so excited that our family is coming to Chicago this fall. To welcome those, who have been so loving to us, to our community and home will be an incredible experience. Please come out to see, support, and meet the pequeños of NPH Nicaragua! “¡Somos una gran familia!” (“We’re a big family”). And, my big Nicaraguan family is coming to town! Your life might just be the one that is transformed. 

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