Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's wonderful to see that all of them have a chance for a better life.

Below is a testimonial from great Friend and Godparent, Anna Bravchuk, who shares about her recent trip to the home in the Dominican Republic with her daughter. 

Hello, my name is Anna, and I recently visited the Dominican Republic Friends of the Orphans home with my daughter, Polina. I'd been a sponsor for a child in the Haiti home for a couple of years, so when we heard about the trip to the Dominican Republic, I thought it would be a wonderful experience and opportunity for myself and Polina. 

My daughter is in seventh grade, and she was very excited to visit the kids and to see how they live and how we can help. We had many expectations about our trip, and about the children we would meet. We thought we would find children who were struggling and unhappy due to the challenges in their lives. It wasn't the case. I was amazed how happy the kids and adults were there. How full of energy and hope they were. They performed a concert for us, and we had a number of activities together. It was truly one of the the greatest parts of the trip to see the kids enjoying themselves dancing and singing. I was also impressed with how tidy and well organized life in the home is, and so pleased to see all the kids are taken such great care of. It's wonderful to see that all of them have a chance for a better life.

We were both very inspired by our visit. In fact, during the trip my daughter found out that one of the greatest needs there were resources to support and sustain more workshops to educate kids. She decided to do a fundraiser in her own school in Los Angeles, and has prepared a presentation for the whole school to build interest and support.

I thought it was a wonderful experience for me and my daughter to meet the kids and share a day of activities with them. We got to know one particular child very well, a bright, energetic 10 year old girl named Eridania, and we decided to sponsor her as well. The entire trip was very moving and inspiring, and I can't wait to go back to see my new godchild now.

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